Tieto Enhanced Reality Lab
The demand for immersive experience is growing. Tieto helps your organisation create VR and AR for new customer experience and streamlined operations.
Craft the future of your business today

Tieto Enhanced Reality Lab is here to help you explore the opportunities of the new tech space. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest methodology and tools to identify the needs of your customers and business – innovating solutions to support your organisation in reaching its goals.

The Lab is your access to the growing ecosystem of partners, offering quick proof-of-concept projects to prototype and validate ideas quickly. We'll deliver fully integrated solutions that raise the efficiency of business operations and unlock a new level of customer experience.
Fulfilled projects
Partnership with Varwin

Why using VR?

VR training programs allow international companies to spend 40% less time and increase employee efficiency by 70%.
VR speeds up staff training and education processes and saves time on travel by recreating any object and scenario.
VR boasts unprecedented immersion and eliminates most risks associated with training.
Manage content without acquiring programming skills
Create VR intelligence library and store all created locations, objects and algorithms
Gain flexibility and support distributed development of VR projects
Save costs and keep projects up to date
How to start:

We'll showcase the best VR implementation examples in your industry

We'll analyze your business processes and suggest relevant VR implementation scenarios

We'll prepare the project scenario, feature set and a detailed statement of work

We'll suggest performance criteria, a roadmap report including a cost sheet and project timeline
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